Koç University Identity Guide
Koç University Identity Guide

We share a common interest in reinforcing Koç University’s (KU) reputation for institutional excellence, to which all parts of the University contribute and from which we all benefit. We have a shared investment in looking “like Koç."

It focuses on print publications and provides resources and downloads to ensure consistent implementation of KU’s visual identity. We see hundreds of logos in the course of a day, each representing a different business entity, product, or service. The result of this barrage is that many of us assume that every program, product, or service of Koç University must also have its own logo its own “brand.” This is not so. Despite the vast array of KU’s activities and “products,” the strongest, most recognizable brand to borrow a term from the world of marketing that KU organizations can project is the brand of Koç University itself. These guidelines allow considerable discretion in expressing the unique qualities of KU’s many entities to their many audiences.

The use of the KU logo, the KU typeface, and KU colors and KU presentation template provides a foundation for organizational identity along with a strong connection to Koç University without constraining the range of graphic possibilities. Logos often appear to be the result of a moment’s effort. However, the best, most memorable ones are almost invariably the result of a process of research, professional design, administrative review, and implementation. This process can be expensive and time consuming, and it should be reserved for situations in which having a distinct logo warrants the investment. With this in mind, it is seldom necessary for KU departments to create new logos or stand-alone graphic identities apart from those suggested by the guidelines. New logos should be undertaken in consultation with the Communications Office of the University. We know you will extend the fullest cooperation. Thanks in advance for your sensitivity and cooperation.

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